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Product Highlights

  • High precision & rigidity mechanical spindle

    • High precision & rigidity mechanical spindle.
    • High precision dynamic balance.
    • Quantitative measurement of spindle rigidity.
    • Spindle thermal balance test.
    • Dynamic accuracy test.

CNC system

  • High speed and high precision control

    It adopts GSKLink industrial Ethernet bus technology. The highest running speed is 100m/min. Gr-l series servo devices and servo motors with high resolution absolute encoders are standard equipped, which can be connected with grating scale, reluctance, magnetic grid, circular grating encoders, etc., to realize full closed-loop control of feeding axis and high-precision Cs axis control.

  • Simple and fast system debugging guide

    This function can list the parameters to be debugged according to the debugging steps, functional modules and other projects, so as to simplify the debugging process of machine tools.

  • Examine intelligently/Diagnosis technology

    It has the functions, including grammar check, track preview, machine tool fault diagnosis, as well as operation log, alarm log and machining log, which are convenient for program verification, fault diagnosis and maintenance.

  • It supports remote monitor and diagnosis

    Based on the Ethernet LAN interface, it can realize the remote monitor and fault diagnosis to CNC lathe, as well as the collection and analysis of reliable data, including the uploading and downloading data of machining doc, parameter doc, and tool deviation, etc., which truly realize the function of remote monitor. Besides, it supports FTP communication transfer protocol.

Technical Parameter

Machining range

Max. swing diameter 350mm
Max. machining diameter 280mm
Max. machining length 200mm
Max. bar through diameter 50mm


Max. spindle speed(mechanical spindle) 2800r/min
Spindle motor power 5.5Kw
Spindle nose A2-6
Spindle bore 63mm
Gang type tool
Type Gang type tool

Boring tool size

OD tool size 25mm*25mm


X axis 280mm
Z axis 350mm
X axis rapid feed speed 12m/min
Z axis rapid feed speed 15m/min


Length 2100mm
Width 1450mm
Height 16000mm
Weight 1420kg

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