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Sustainable development policy

The establishment of sustainable development of the ecosystem, people-oriented, customer first business philosophy, adapt to the changing market demand, promote the sustainable development of Heidmann, to create maximum social value.

Code Of Conduct System

● Treat customer trust respectfully;
● Take customer first as the principle;
● Select supply chains through fair competition;
● Adopt honest and transparent operating principles.

Sustainable Development

● Build an ecosystem with partners;
● Continue to provide value to customers;
● Constantly set new and challenging goals;
● Continuously improve technology, services;
● Actively pursue new skills, knowledge, creativity.

People Oriented

● Respecting human rights culture;
● Ensure the safety and health of personnel;
● Respect the principle of non-discrimination;
● Follow the team spirit of fairness and enthusiasm;
● Open, safe and comfortable working environment.

Social Contribution

As a member of society, it is our duty to contribute to society. We actively participate in social activities and contribute to society.By constructing the management and strategic system of social responsibility management, we can systematically promote social responsibility management.

Humanitarian assistance

● Establish charitable funds to help people in need;
● Establish a student fund to help students in need;
●We visited welfare homes for the elderly and children.


● Subsidize employees education upgrading;
● Establish a summer playground for children;
●To run schools jointly with colleges and universities.

medical care

● Donation of medical supplies;
● Regular employee physical examination program.

Environment Protection

we put ecological and environmental protection in the first place,formulated green management objectives, actively participated in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, advocated energy-saving lifestyles,design and manufacture environment-friendly products and strive to realize circular economy.

Energy Conservation

● Build an environmentally friendly supply chain;
● Develop high efficiency energy saving products;
● Reduce the one-time consumption of resources;
● Reduce the waste generated at the production site;
● Use more renewable energy and recyclable materials.

Environmental Protection

● Advocate employees' green travel;
● Protect the ecological environment;
● Save water and other non-renewable energy;
● Bring your own supplies instead of disposable items;
● Reduce the use of environmental pollution products.

Resource Utilization

● Reduce the variety of materials used;
● Reduce one-time resource consumption;
● Look for ways to reuse discarded objects;
● Use fewer resources to produce products;
● Use of resources and reduce waste generation.

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