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  • High standard

    • The quality and manufacturing standards of machine tools are in accordance with German and Japanese standards.

    • Core functional components homemade.

  • Core technology

    • Master technical patents, related to spindle, turret, tailstock and other core components.

    • With advanced machine tool parts manufacturing, assembly technology.

  • Product positioning

    • Specialized manufacturing,Delicacy management,Special customization,Continuous innovative product positioning.

    • Accumulate a large number of advanced turning process.

    • A lot of parts processing solutions.

    • Optimize process plan to improve processing efficiency.

  • Complete solution

    •Comprehensive automation integration capability

    • Professional automation application cases.

    • Automation software secondary development.

    • MES management system, realize processing information.

Core Technology

High precision & rigidity synchronous servo direct drive built in motor spindle

  • High precision & rigidity spindle structure. (4+1 bearing structure)
  • High precision double-side dynamic balance structure, balance accuracy 0.3g.
  • Quantification measurement of Preload
  • Spindle thermal equilibrium experiment
  • Dynamic precision test
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