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Production Base

Headman has successively set up Puqing Industrial Park , shamen Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Base and Shanghai Technological Innovation R & D Center,It provides an excellent working environment for technology R & D, new product development, self-made core components, product production, etc.

Intelligent Digital Cloud Factory

Headman Puqing Industrial Park

Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Base

Headman Shamen Factory of the Future

Technological Innovation R & D Center

Headman Shanghai R & D Center

Parts Manufacturing Plant

The parts manufacturer is responsible for the finish machining of all structural parts and non–standard precision parts, It has high-precision processing equipment, production line.It provides a reliable guarantee for Headman to implement high-precision standards.

FMS Horizontal Processing Line

Fastems Flexible Manufacturing Line

High-precision Bridge Type Machine

Nicolás Correa Bridge Type Milling Machine

High-precision Grinding Center

Kellenberger Grinders

High-precision Machining Center

Heller Machining Center

High-precision 5-Axis Milling Machine

Dmgmori 5-Axis Milling Machine

High-precision Large Machining Center

Grob Large Machining Center

Assembly Plant

The assembly plant is in charge of the final product assembly of Headman CNC Machine Tool, It adopts constant temperature and humidity workshop,advanced digital management.It provides excellent software and hardware conditions for ensuring the accuracy and quality of machine tools.

Intelligent Digital Cloud Factory

Industrial Internet platform: ERP, PLM, MES

Unit and modular management

Unit and modular production system

Constant temperature and humidity

20 ± 0.5 ℃, 50% - 60% RH

Quality Control

Headman adopts a strict quality control system,it has high-precision inspection equipment to implement digital lean control for each link.

High-precision Testing Instrument

Renishaw Laser Interferometer

High-precision CMM

Zeiss CMM

High-precision Dynamic Balancer

Schenck Dynamic Balancer

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