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Product Highlights

  • High precision & rigidity mechanical spindle

    • The front bearing adopts high precision conical double roller bearing & ball bearing and row angular contact ball bearing,which can bear a greater axial load ,to realize heavy cutting and to replace the grinding.

    • Low speed and high torque, high output efficiency

    • Spindle driven by built-in motor directly, realize “zero transmission”. Compact design, light weight, low vibration, low thermal deformation. With characteristics of high torque by low speed and high speed. High precision on both dynamic and static, and high stability.

    • High precision, high rigidity, high stability, high efficiency.

    • Low vibration, low noise, good balance, good thermal characteristics.

  • High precision & rigidity servo hydraulic turret

    • It adopts the basic structure with servo motor indexing, arc gear tooth positioning, hydraulic locking.

    • Turret index without lifting, reduce the tool change movement, avoid scraps & coolant entering inside of the turret to influence the positioning accuracy.

    • The toothed disk is tightly locked by hydraulic force to ensure that the 7Mpa high pressure cooling water still maintains enough tension when passing through the turret.

CNC system

  • User friendliness

    The Headman CNC system supports the Chinese and Japanese systems of two sets of G-code programming, such as compatibility with FANUC and Guangzhou's number of G-code interfaces in line with the user's mainstream operating habits (customizable interface).

  • Powerful cutting and machining technology

    ①with direct manual MST (shortcut key) function; ②with more than 4GB RAM, support network transmission; ③support turning chip breakage, thread chip breakage, groove chip breakage, etc.; ④support thread secondary clamping re-tooling; ⑤support the variable speed thread turning

  • Various practical techniques

    ①support trajectory simulation②support handwheel test cut; ③support friction compensation function; ④logging function of "traveling recorder" and the interface function of crash protection lock; ⑤have the function of shortcut keys ⑥ Supporting external truss function,such as Headman truss

  • iNC-Clond CNC Cloud Management

    Headman CNC system through the cloud CNC networking, you can realize cell phone, computer iNC-Clond remote operation and maintenance management (remote maintenance, production management).

Technical Parameter

Machining range

Max. swing diameter 500mm
Max. machining diameter 330mm
Max. machining length 280mm
Max. bar through diameter 51mm


Max. spindle speed(built in motor spindle)


Spindle motor power(continous/30min) 11/15kw
Spindle nose A2-6
Spindle bore 62mm


No. of tool stations 12
Tool change time 0.15s
Boring tool size 32mm
OD tool size 25mm*25mm

Travel axis rapid feed speed

X axis 185mm
Z axis 325mm
X axis rapid feed speed 30m/min
Z axis rapid feed speed 36m/min


X axis bidirectional positioning accuracy 0.008mm
Z axis bidirectional positioning accuracy 0.008mm
X aixs repeatability positioning accuracy 0.003mm
Z aixs repeatability positioning accuracy 0.003mm


Length 1962mm
Width 1765mm
Height 1962mm
Weight 3300kg

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