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Training Institute

  • Machine tool operation training course

    Help your employees become machine tool experts

    Operate the machine tool according to the regulations with safety awareness.
    Master all operations of the machine tool to avoid damage to the machine tool caused by misoperation.
    Master the use skills of machine tools, and make different processing quality better by setting different parameters.
    Operate the machine tool quickly in case of emergency.

  • CNC programming training course

    Help your employees improve their programming skills

    Write small workpiece processing program directly on the machine tool to save more time.
    It is easy to deal with complex machining and call and program functions such as cycle and subroutine.
    Improve staff programming skills and optimize the existing program structure.
    Employees' professional CNC knowledge can give full play to the potential of Heidemann machine tools and improve productivity and competitiveness.

  • Electrical maintenance training course

    Help your employees maintain the machine tool quickly

    Professional electrical theory training.
    Actual maintenance operation on site.

  • Mechanical / hydraulic system maintenance training course

    Help your employees quickly maintain the mechanical / hydraulic failure of the machine tool

    Professional mechanical / hydraulic system theoretical knowledge training.
    Actual maintenance operation on site.

  • Machine tool maintenance training course

    Help your employees to better maintain the machine tool and maintain the long-term efficient and stable operation of the machine tool

    Train your employees to conduct professional status analysis and inspection of your machine tool, and master the use of the machine tool.
    Train your employees on the daily use and maintenance of the machine tool, so that your equipment can maintain long-term efficient and stable operation.
    In the long run, this will ensure the reliability of your production plan and reduce the failure rate and use cost.

*The above services may not meet all usage scenarios.
*The above services may involve paid services and personalized customized services.
*Heidemann reserves the right of final interpretation of the services and commitments mentioned on this page.
*Heidman will always be waiting for you. With meticulous service and professional and rigorous attitude, we cherish your true love and follow you all the way.
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